The Beginning! 

In 2011, Nikhil and Chandni sat in a living room and stumbled upon an idea that they call Hoozinc!! Today!

There was only one thing that gave birth to this bright enterprise and that is their love, passion and the want to do something that allows them to identify with and find themselves. What better form than art ?
Most young graduates only build castles in the air, but these two have dreamt and built their empire in the real world.
Every morning waking up to a day where you are your own master sounds very pleasing, from afar!
The hardships of starting on your own are enormous and it takes a humungus will to continue and push yourselves through failure and successed in the end.
Their journey is far for finishing. In this blog we will tell you all about Hoozinc! And it’s owners!
Stay tuned!


Join The Team!

Hoozinc! is always on the hunt for talented contributors. If you’re interested in one of the most unique, fastest-growing, entertainment and pop culture stores, now’s your chance!

Please note that the positions offered by Hoozinc! are as follows:

  2.  FULL TIME:

Our team works here because we love comics, pop culture, music, movies, television, art, graffiti and being different from the crowd.

We can not guarantee anything but loads of work and experience.There’s no place better than a startup to begin your career.

All applicants must be over the age of 18 and have :

  • excellent writing skills.
  • a pleasing personality
  • good communication skills
  • a vehicle
  • a laptop

Please fill out our online form at and let us know more about you, and what you’d like to do with us.

P.S. Don’t make it boring, write about your interests and what you do in your free time, where you party and what you are passionate about.


The Hoozinc! Team

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas from Hoozinc!

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and if you’re stuck on ideas for what to get her, simply keep scrolling for our top choices for quirky and fun gift ideas !!

1.Photo Box


This little pop up box that can hold the best memories you’ve had with your Mom!

Price : Rs. 1000

2. Home Is Where Mom Is Frame


A little peace of art in a tiny matchbox. Surprise your mom with a cute private message – “Home Is Where Mom Is” hidden in these beautifully decorated matchbox mini frames!

Price : Rs. 1200

3. Super Mom Mug


Because your Super Mom deserves something better than those same old boring coffee mugs!

Price : Rs. 900

4. Witty Greeting Cards


Nothing says “I love you” like a piece of paper folded in half..(and in this case, the witty ones are bound to make your mom laugh!)

Price : Rs. 50

5. Gift Certificates


The cheesiest certification your Mom will ever receive!

Price : Rs. 200

6. Magnets/Coasters

These artistically designed fridge magnets can be used as coasters as well!

Price : Rs. 100

7. Recipe Cards


If your Mom has a drawer full of recipes that are begging to be organised, look no further!

Price : Rs. 199

8. Super Mom Phonecase

A case that’ll make your Mom feel like the Super Hero she is!

Price : Rs. 600

9. We Love You Frame

Want to gift this photo frame to your mom? You and your siblings just have to send pictures holding an A4 sheet to us. Yes, you heard us right! Now treasuring memories is just a click away!

Price : Rs. 600

10. Funky Cutlery


If your Mom loves cooking, these definitely make the most adorable utility gifts!

Price Range : Rs. 250 – 450

11. Doodle Recipe Sheets/Menu Planner cum Fridge Magnet

File 04-05-2017, 14 15 00.jpeg

These hand illustrated organisers can add a little bit of cheer to your Mom’s daily mundane tasks!

Price : Rs. 199

12. Grand Piano Calender

If your Mom’s a lover of music and paper craft, she’d love this miniature grand piano, which serves as a desk calendar and box!

Price : Rs. 350

and a little something so that your Dad doesn’t feel too left out ….

File 04-05-2017, 13 50 17.jpeg

It’s easier than you think to show the most special person in your life just how much she is loved and appreciated…We’re pretty sure one or many of these gifts will do the trick 😉 

Whatsapp +919701749000 or Visit the Hoozinc store at Banjara Hills, rd no. 12 to order these now!

21 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas From Hoozinc!!

Thinking of ways to beef up the romance factor in your relationship this Valentine’s Day?

Hoozinc has a bunch of Out-Of-The-Box gift ideas that won’t break your budget!! 💁

1.Witty Gift Certificates  

The “cheesiest” certification your partner will ever receive !

Price : Rs. 200 each 

2. Love Coupons  

This collection of romantic, naughty and witty love coupons is sure to add some spice to your relationship.

Price : Rs 350 

3. Personalised Passport Holders/Travel Wallets 

If your partner is a travel junkie, our Head Turner Passport Holder will definitely make a memorable gift.

Price : Rs 900-1150

4. Socks

Did you know that happiness quotient of receiving socks as gift is directly propotional to a person’s age?

Price : Rs. 350

5. Fandom Frames  

Fandom frames that’ll jazz up and add the “cool”element to any space they’re displayed in (and we have a lot more of these !!!)

Price : Rs. 500

6. Shot glasses and beer mugs  

Valentine’s day calls for shots for two – Cheers to the everlasting love !!

Price : Rs. 300-450 (set of 2)

7. Photo Box

This cute little pop up photo box can hold all the best memories you’ve had with your partner.

Price : Rs. 1000

8. Witty/ Quirky T-shirts  

Far from cliche tshirts, with witty and unique artwork that smacks you in the heart.

Price : Rs. 500

9. Cute/Naughty Greeting Cards 

Quirky cards that let you express emotions in fun and twisted approach.

Price : Rs 50

10. Ashtrays  

If all your attempts to get your partner to quit smoking went futile, this gift could be a funny way of expressing how you’ve finally given up !!

Price : Rs.650-700

11. Handcrafted Vintage Notebooks

Just another excuse to make your special one feel loved!

Price : Rs 350

12. #GirlBoss Jewellery Holder 

An adorable utility gift for your outrageously talented and generally an all round badass girlfriend!!

Price : Rs 650

13. Personalised Laptop/Ipad Sleeves

These Ipad/laptop sleeves, made with fashionable detailing, would be a quick fix to your lover’s standard and boring look.

Price : Rs 1200 – 1500

14. Very Hip-Flasks

For those who think alcohol is more of “need” than “luxury” for their partner.

Price : Rs. 850

15. Personalised Wedding Hanger 

Our most popular gift idea amongst the to-be-married couples !!

Price : Rs. 1500 

16. We Need to Talk Game 


It has proven to be that this game not only helps you spend quality time with your partner but also makes the most interesting gift for Valentine’s Day.

Price : Rs.600

17. Mushy Gift Cards

If you plan is to shoot for those brownie points, this pack of 30 overly emotional and mushy cards will definitely do the trick.

Price : Rs. 250

18. Personalised Etched Mug 

A gift your partner will use regularly, and think of you fondly with every use!

Price : Rs. 1600 (set of 2)

19. Geek-y Tshirts  

If your partner is a total Geek, these tshirts are sure to satiate his/her Geeky Quench!

Price : Rs.500

20. Vinyl Wall Sticker 

This Beatles inspired wall sticker is made out of a real vinyl record with the words cut out. The ultimate vintage piece of art!!

Price : Rs. 750 

21. Pamper Hamper/Bouquet

Choose any of the above gifts and we’ll make an adorable gift hamper for you, with pictures and chocolates. Alternatively, we can make a cute bouquet out of alcohol miniatures and chocolates. 

You know there’s only Valentine’s Day a year, so why not make it – “Oh, so special” for your partner !!

If you’ve made up your mind to order any of these (or all of these :p) , visit the Hoozinc store at Banjara Hills, rd. 12 or Whatsapp +91 90520 86174. 

Secret Santa Special: 9 Gifts Under Rs.600/- at Hoozinc!

It’s Mid-December at last, which means all thoughts have shifted to Christmas. Secret Santa can feel difficult to get it right, though, especially if you agree to a tight budget, but with Hoozinc’s uber cute Secret Santa ideas, you’ll be totally sorted.

1. Quirky,Witty, Artsy Notebooks

   The most standard requirement of all time – A NOTEBOOK! Team it with some fancy artwork or witty text and it makes for a highly used gift one can get!
Price Range: Rs.200/- to Rs.350/-

2. Badge Packs

  Pin them on your bags, T-shirts or soft boards! Select from our wide range of designs and super discounts at the store on Road no.12, Banjara Hills.

Price Range: Rs.99/- to Rs.300/-

3. Doodled Wall/ Desk Art

  Add cool element to your work desk or an empty wall at home with these super intricate yet geeky doodle wall/ desk art!

Price Range: Rs.600/-

4. Keychains & Pendrives

  Let’s get real! Who doesn’t need a keychain or pendrive? If you’ve bagged a job in an IT firm or design firm, Oh you need at least one of these items!

Price Range: Rs.200/- to Rs. 400/-

5. Book Marks

  Know a Harry Potter fan? Well, then you might want to buy a Dobby/Wand book mark for them!

Price Range: Rs 50-100/-

6. Note pads

  These quirky notepads will want to make you write even if you don’t want to!

Price Range: 150-175/-

7. Paper Wallets

  These super thin paper wallets can serve as the perfect gift and be light on your wallet at the same time.

Price : Rs. 500/-

8. Shot Glasses (Set of 2)

  With a plethora of shot glass options available at our store, you’re sure to find something you’ll adore!

Price : Rs. 270/-

9. Good ol’ T-shirts

  Who doesn’t love T-shirts that are absolutely mental? NOBODY!
Check out some of our collection right here and follow the the link for all the others!

Price: Rs.500/-

Still confused?  We’ve got a shed load of other gift options at our store in Banjara Hills, rd no. 12 ! You can also find our Pop-Up Store at Heart Cup Coffee, Kondapur, every Friday this entire month. 

Fun Raksha Bandhan Gift Ideas From Hoozinc !!! 

Can’t figure out what to give your brother this Raksha Bandhan?

Buying a gift for your brother can be one of the most daunting tasks and that’s the reason we’ve decided to make your job a little easier this year !!!

Here’s a list of things quirky and fun ideas that’ll definitely make your brother’s day !!!

1. Pop Culture Caricatures


These fandom frames are sure to jazz up and add the “cool” element to your brother’s room/office space.


2. Superhero/TV show related Tshirts 


If your brother is a Movie /TV show/Comic buff, you’re sure to find tshirts at our store that he’s going to love. (And if he is a Game of Thrones fan, MY MY!! )


3. Quirky Notebooks  

If you think these notebooks are funny, wait till you turn them around !


4. Witty Gift Certificates  

The funniest certification your brother will ever receive 💁 (…and we have a lot more of these)

5. Whisky Glasses

If your brother is a fan of both whisky and Godfather/Led Zeplin, these glasses are sure to make him go bonkers !!!


6. Shot Glass Thela with Shot Glasses


For all drunkard brothers in the house !!


7. Clip and Wire Photo Frame

Available in different sizes and colours, this clip and wire photo frame is definitely the ultimate personalised gift.


8. Personalised Nutella Jars


Why stick to the traditional sweets when you can give him the yummiest thing on earth customised specially for him?


9. Football Merchandise

If your brother is a Football Buff, you’re sure to find something related to his favourite team at the Hoozinc store !!!


10. Laptop Bags

Our laptop bags can be a quick fix to your brother’s standard and boring look !!


11. Quirky Rakhis


Who said Rakhis have to look traditional and boring?  Your super brother deserves something better that that !!


12. And a few things here and there 💁


13. Personalised Pamper Hamper 


You choose any of the above gifts and we’ll make the most adorable gift hamper for your bro !!
If you’ve made up your mind to buy any of these (or all of these :p), visit the Hoozinc store at Banjara Hills, rd no. 12 or Whatsapp +919701749000 !!

Coolest Last-Minute Father’s Day Gifts From Hoozinc ! 

Father’s Day is the one day we all use as an excuse to tell our dad what they mean to us! But now, you wouldn’t really want to stick to the clichéd, mainstream gifts, would you?  Well, here’s a perfect guide of the coolest things to give to your dad on this special day!

1. Wall Frames:

Express your relationship with your dad in a way no one else would! Let these frames speak for themselves!

Where you can get these : The Hoozinc Store, Banjara Hills, Rd. 12.

Price : Rs.499 each, Rs 2500 for all 6 designs

2. Laptop Bags:

A quick fix to your dad’s standard corporate fashioned look! These graphic designs on your dad’s laptop case are sure to make him look super cool, even at work!

Where you can get these : The Hoozinc Store, Banjara Hills, rd. 12.

Price : Rs 1500

3. “We Love You” Photo Frame :

A sweet and simple message on a frame, speaks a lot for itself! An adorable gift like this is sure to make him smile all day long !

Where you can get these : The Hoozinc Store, Banjara Hills, rd no.12.

Price : Rs 499

4. Football Merchandise:

Awaken the football fan in your dad with official football merchandise! These would really be hard to miss out on!

Where you can get these : The Hoozinc Store or Hoozinc’s website

Price Range : Rs 300-2000

5. Phone Covers:

The usual leather covers, in boring colours like black and brown- that’s what your dad probably uses as his phone cover. Make your dad feel proud of himself with these covers instead! You can also get phone covers customised from us!

Where you can get these : The Hoozinc Store, Banjara Hills, Rd. 12.

Price : Rs. 599

6. TV Show/ Superhero T-shirts:

Watching your dad wear the same shirts and polos to work and almost any outing- boring right? Revamp his wardrobe on this special day with these cool tees! Take a peak into his interests by gifting him a superhero or a Simpsons tee!

Where you can get these : The Hoozinc Store, Banjara Hills, Rd. 12. or Hoozinc’s website

Price : Starting from Rs 599


7. Vinyl Record Clocks:


Instead of the boring looking clocks, why not gift your dad something classic yet stylish? These vinyl record clocks are sure to take him down his memory lane!

Where you can get these : The Hoozinc Store, Banjara Hills, rd.12. or Hoozinc’s website

Price : Rs. 999

8. Coasters:

Still unsure of what your dad would like? Go for these coasters instead! He is bound to use these, no matter what the occasion!

Where you can get these  : The Hoozinc Store, Banjara Hills, rd.12. or Hoozinc’s website

Price : Rs. 600 for 4

9. Chill Pill Tins/ Daily Dose Medicine Box 

Gift your Dad this little natty tin box with “Stress Busters”, be it, gums, pills, mints etc along with a fun medicine box compartmentalized into easy “Morn-Aft-Night” divisions. He’s sure to find them adorable!

Where you can get these  : The Hoozinc Store, Banjara Hills, rd.12.

Price : Rs. 99/225

Father’s Day always seems to be creeping up on you… But this time you don’t have to see that look on your Dad’s face when he opens up yet another tie ! Visit The Hoozinc Store or Whatsapp +919701749000 to order any of these (or all of these 😜) gifts for your Dad !!!

12 Personalised Valentine’s Day Gifts That You Can Buy From Hoozinc !!!


There are numerous Valentine’s Day gifts you could buy for your lover, but aren’t you tired of these run-of-the-mill ideas? Roses, candy, the latest video game – those are all great gifts, but this year, wouldn’t you like to give something different? Whether your Valentine is a guy or a girl, there are lots of unique, unexpected Valentine’s Day gifts that Hoozinc has to offer. Take a look at our list and see if anything jumps out at you!


1.   Reasons why I love you/ things I love about you book !!


Your significant other gets to hear the words “I love you” all the time! But what they don’t always get to hear are the reasons why. It’s an incredibly romantic exercise to come up with a list of things you adore about someone! All you have to do is – give us the list of reasons why you love your partner/things you love about them, along with a some photographs and we’ll make a perfect love book out of it.


2.Photo Frames






As far as personalised gift are concerned, nothing can get more personal than a customised picture frame. You could get letter shaped photo frames of your initials or a clip and wire frame to hang your best pictures. At Hoozinc, you’re definitely bound to find the perfect mount to frame your adorable memories.

3.Message In A Bottle


Isn’t this the sweetest idea? The note doesn’t have to be long — just a few words, really — roll it up, tie it with twine, put it in a bottle, blow in a kiss, and cork it (to keep the kiss inside). It’s one of the simplest, yet, cutest gift that your wallet is sure to love too!

4.Love Coupons


If you want to add spice to your relationship, this something that will definitely appeal to your partner. All you have to do is – fill out the coupons with whatever romantic, loving or naughty things you’d like to offer to your love! For a gamer, make sure there are coupons for One Free Game night, where he or she has free time to play out on the couch for hours of their favorite game of the day. If your partner is a true gourmand, include coupons for a night out at a restaurant or a home cooked meal – from appetizers to dessert, of course!




Our valentine’s day themed coasters are the most fast selling items at The Hoozinc Store.  And guess what, at Hoozinc, you can get any sort of coaster customised , be it a photo of you two or anything that interests your partner. Is your partner a comic book nerd or a big fan of Marvel films? Wouldn’t he or she love to own coasters of their favourite TV show?

6.Customized Painting


Get a custom made pencil sketch,stretched or printed canvas of something that your partner is passionate about. You also have an option of getting your favourite picture hand painted….it’ll definitely be something he/she will always treasure !

7.Love You To Pieces Jar


We at Hoozinc feel that there is no need to break the bank this Valentine’s Day to send a message to your partner that you adore them. A cute mason jar like this will definitely warm their hearts and put something sweet into their belly.

8.Customized Phone Covers


Personalise phone covers with any design from a photo of the both of you, your partner’s  favourite television show to  romantic/cheesy lines and superhero/comic designs, here at Hoozinc!

10. Liquor and Chocolate Bouquet


This unique- one- of- a- kind bouquet is definitely something your other half would fancy. You just have to select what kind of chocolates and alcohol your partner likes and we’ll make a perfect bouquet out of it. You can also substitute it with anything else if your guy/girl isn’t much of a drinker.

11. Customised Mugs


Choose from our existing range of trending mugs or get anything you’d like to be printed or etched on them. It could be anything from picture of you two, cute/cheesy lines to lyrics of a song you both love, caricature, comic or superhero illustrations. This is a gift your partner will use regularly, and think of you fondly with every use!

12.Date Night Jar


Roses wither, chocolates melt and gadgets outdate as every year passes by. But, this Valentine’s day, add some more excitement to your relationship by gifting your boyfriend or girlfriend a cute mason jar full of different date night ideas to inspire you for awesome dates up ahead. Each colour of the sticks signifies a particular type of date night, for example blue is for dates at home, yellow for adventurous dates and so on.

You know, there’s only one Valentine’s Day a year. While you should certainly shower your lover with affection every day of the year, it’s still a great day to do something special. Gift something out of the box and watch your partner’s face light up when he or she sees how much thought you’ve put into these personalised gifts !!!

Most of the above products are available on

Contact 04068888103/04068888803 for more details or visit The Hoozinc Store at Banjara Hills Rd 12 to check out our entire Valentine’s Day portfolio.

10 Fun New Year Resolutions You Should Consider Making In 2016


The New Year has already rolled in and you must be tired of same old failed New Year Resolutions. But, have you ever considered making your New Year Resolutions fun so that you would be able to follow them? Hoozinc‘s got all the fun and silly New Year Resolutions that you might want to keep even after February !!!

  1. Leave one particular liquor


Everyone has that one drink that makes them go mad or gives a bad hangover the next day. Why not leave the one liquor that saves you embarrassing stories and situations.


  1. Attend a comic con


Contrary to the popular belief, comic isn’t just for nerds and geeks, it’s for everyone. If you’re looking for a fun time this year, head up to the next comic con in your city.


  1. Attend a music concert


Be a part of the crowd, enjoy the atmos and hear some great music.


  1. Take a spontaneous trip


To where? Just pack your bags and get going with no itinerary planned. Go with the flow and experience how unpredictable life can be.


  1. Bake a cake


If you’ve never baked a cake from scratch, you don’t know what a rewarding feeling you’re missing out on.


  1. Spend one full day in a movie theatre


Can you imagine a day when you’re just slipping into movie after movie? Indulging in a fun packed movie marathon can be one of the best guilty pleasures.


  1. Make 4 new friends


We all have a group of people we really care about, which is why we stick to them. However, making new friends can be a lot of fun. You never know who you might meet.

  1. Learn a new language


It’s never easy and that’s what makes it exciting and something you must do while you’re young.


  1. Read a book in one sitting


Grab some snacks and drinks, get cozy and read a book from cover to cover.


  1. Take your parents out for dinner


Picking up the tab one night is an easy way to show your love and appreciation for your parents.

There you have it, all of our “not so difficult” New Year Resolutions for 2016. Which of these fun New Year Resolutions are you going to commit to?

Even Santa shops from Hoozinc! 

 It’s the 25th of December and it’s time to delight your self with Christmas gifts from  Hoozinc! With our crazy discounts like never before, even Santa has stuffed his big red bag with Hoozinc! goodies!!! What’s stopping you? P.S. Our discounts are only going to get better as we near the year end!!! 

Stocks running out faster than expected. Most items available on backorders!! 

Goooooooo shop now!! 

Cheers & A very Merry Christmas,

The Hoozinc! Team. 

9 Gift Ideas from Hoozinc that are Perfect for this Festive Season!!

Christmas/New Year gifts are the perfect way to tell someone how much they mean to you. Smart gifts that wont break the bank can be hard to come up with and if you’re buying for someone who seems to have everything or you have no idea what to gift, Hoozinc is your best solution!

Check out some fancy deals on our cool, fun, quirky and cute holiday gift options you might want to consider buying this festive season at


With the winter season creeping in, these comfy, informal and very warm hoodies will be a great pick!

hoodies and sweaters copy

Shop at :

Price range: Rs.1349-Rs.1999

Discount on category: 15%


Nothing beats a great pair of socks, am I right? Not only does everyone need them, but also there is such a wide variety of options available on our website,  you’re bound to find a pair for any and every personality.


Shop at :

Price range: Rs 150-300

Discount on category: 20%


Your phone cover says a lot about you, and at Hoozinc, you are sure to find cute and quirky phone cases that you’ll be obsessed with.With our customisation option, you can gift someone a phone cover with a design that they will actually adore.

Shop at :

Price range: Rs 600-850

Discount on category: 15%


Everyone realises the functionality of personal storage devices which makes it a perfectly safe gift option, but instead of boring, dull looking flash sticks , wouldn’t you fancy something that’s character based  and  pop culture driven?


Shop at :

Price range : Rs 500-600

Discount on category: 40%


If you’re in need for the simplest idea of a gift for a friend or yourself, your search ends here.At Hoozinc, you’re sure to find something you’ll fancy.


Shop at :

Price Range : Rs 300-400

Discount on category: 40%


 What better way to brighten your space than fandom art prints? Art Prints at Hoozinc are a great and affordable way to showcase your love for someone without spending a fortune.


Shop at :

Price Range: Rs 300- 800

Discount on category: 30% on framed and  50% on posters


Here at Hoozinc, you can find an entire gift guide for football fans – Unique products that spring out at you, from mugs, clocks, caps  to posters and canvas paintings.


Shop at :

Price Range: Rs 300-2000

Discount on category: 20%


Who wouldn’t want to collect their favourite superhero/cartoon/movie or tv character based wobbling figurines?  Since bobbleheads are universally popular and loved, it could be the perfect gift for someone this holiday season!


Shop at :

Price : Rs 1500

Discount on category: 10%


Badges are a great way to add personal touch to your belongings. Hoozinc’s  new pop culture badges featuring your favourite movie star, TV show or superhero will surely be the easiest gift option you’ll find online.


Shop at :

Price : Rs.100

Discount on category: 50%

Which of these ideas are going on your list this year? You need to act fast though, because this flash sale isn’t going to last for very long !!!